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GiGi BARRAGi................Creative Director    |    Founding Partner


Sverre Norfliet................Creative Director    |    Founding Partner






The SATUR DAY NIGHT SPECIAL method begins with a deep dive into identity.

How do you see your brand?

How do you believe your brand is perceived?

How would you like your brand to be perceived?

We start from here: A definition of terms, and an intimate knowledge of the brand's "drives and personality".




The SATUR DAY NIGHT SPECIAL method continues with a second dive; this time into need, and perception.

We observe where your clientele, or audience, place their faith, and attention. We analyze, in their environment, the duplicitous messages and cookie-cutter visuals, as well as the things that have not been done well by peers, or competitors.




The SATUR DAY NIGHT SPECIAL strategy takes the lessons of research, and leverages years of experience, and a proven and unique eye for æsthetics.

With these tools a distinct, and clear and interconnected visual, and prose language is established, and guides are created, across brand operations, so that no interaction ever betrays the implicit contract with the public.




The SATUR DAY NIGHT SPECIAL æsthetic language, developed for your brand, is now brought to bear, by our dedicated and creative team.

Whether the project of establishing, refining, or reaffirming your brand requires a molotov provocation, or conservative innovation, the take of the team will set you well apart from the white noise.




At SATUR DAY NIGHT SPECIAL, we use the visual and psychological language of fine art to create deep resonances and emotional responses. We believe that the emotional connections evoked by marketing should be deeper than the simple aesthetic pleasantries now dominant in marketing language.

Like any successful film, even the most flashy popular entertainment succeeds because of a thoughtful psychological architecture.

We build this foundation and architecture under visual and linguistic communication.



Art direction. Animation. Branding. Consultancy. Concept development. Content development. Copywriting. Curation. Design. Exhibition. Packaging. Signage. Website. Writing.



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